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Protecting Your Concrete Parking Lot Against Spalling in Winter

Concrete parking lots are popular for being durable and easy to maintain. But that doesn’t…

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Creating Walkable Roads with Smart Streetscaping

Traffic-related fatalities in the U.S. have increased at an alarming rate over the past few…

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Building Safer Neighborhood Sidewalks for PWDs

Imagine if you’re in a wheelchair or if you are visually impaired, how frustrating would…

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Paving the Way: The Fundamentals of Sidewalk Design

Sidewalks are everyday fixtures that we tend to take for granted. The truth is, they…

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Is It Time to Replace Your Commercial Parking Lot?

Parking lots of commercial properties usually receive a lot of traffic from pedestrians and bikers…

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Comparing Concrete and Asphalt for Sidewalks

Concrete and asphalt are both popular materials for making sidewalks, but they do have their differences.
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How Sidewalks Add Value to the Community

Sidewalks are an essential part of communities. It not only provides safer, more inviting environments…

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How Kansas City’s Construction Boom Issues Can Be Solved

Over the past few years, Kansas City has experienced the biggest construction boom  since the…

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Your Businesses is Liable for a Cracked Sidewalk

A step on a crack can break your business’ back. That’s not how the rhyme…

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Pothole Free Parking Lots and Customer Retention

Keeping your property's parking lot pothole free is important for customer and tenant satisfaction. Find out how concrete maintenance can help your parking lot look pristine for years to come.
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Prevent Parking Lot Concrete From Cracking

Parking lots see a lot of abuse and it’s only a matter of time before your concrete shows signs of cracking. Concrete is one of the longest-lasting and most economical materials, and while preventing cracks in your concrete is entirely unpreventable, they can, however, be minimized and controlled with a few trusted methods.
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7 Reasons Why Pouring Concrete is Harder Than You Think

Taking care of your own concrete project may seem more cost-effective than hiring a professional, but there is a lot more to pouring concrete than most novice's think. Here are seven reasons why pouring concrete can prove to be difficult.
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Water: Concrete’s Best Friend and Worst Enemy

Concrete has proven itself as a material that can perform reliably for years, but one of the key ingredients used during the mixing process can lead to large problems for homeowners, property managers, and business owners. We can help you can extend the lifespan and performance of your property’s concrete while also minimizing potential hazards.
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Poured Concrete Sidewalk

Choosing Between Concrete Pavers and Poured Concrete

In order to choose between concrete pavers and poured concrete, it is first necessary to…

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Part 2 – Today’s Concrete – Practical, Powerful, and Centuries in the Making

If someone were to ask you what the most frequently used building material in the…

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workers handling massive cement pump tube

Today’s Concrete – Practical, Powerful, and Centuries in the Making

Have you ever been strolling down a sidewalk or walking along a roadside, and suddenly…

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Stronger Structures: A Better Approach to Repairing Damaged Concrete

A number of natural disasters occurred in 2017. The National Centers for Environmental Information reveals…

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unexpected property repairs-top challenge for property managers

Unexpected Property Repairs—A Top Challenge for Property Managers in the US

Have you ever seen those circus performers who balance dozens of plates on top of…

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PRoperty Managers guide to construction project

A Property Manager’s Guide to Concrete Project Management

A body is nothing without a head to guide it. The same principle stands regarding…

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How to Permanently Repair Cracks and Surface Imperfections in Concrete

Concrete floors are made to undergo constant abuse from heavy traffic, so it is imperative…

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The Style and Substance of Concrete Flatwork

Most of the world's ubiquitous and recognizable man-made structures — highways, skyscrapers, bridges, houses —…

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concrete repair service

What Makes a Great Concrete Repair Service?

When you need your concrete repaired, you want to be assured the company doing the…

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