About Us

I’m Kevin Kirtley, CEO, at K&E Flatwork. I am proud of the company we have built. K&E Flatwork is more than just another commercial concrete company in Kansas City. When I started this company, I came from a business background, not a concrete background. For most concrete companies, it’s the opposite. I knew if we could offer high-quality concrete work, I could set up the internal operations to create a company that not only delivered on the product, but made the experience better for our customers as well.

Product Vs. Process

At K&E, you will always get a dependable product. But besides that, you get professional service, upfront pricing, timely delivery, and amazing customer service. The choice is yours. You can choose a typical concrete company who delivers great concrete, or you can choose a professional company who delivers great concrete. While we both may solve your concrete problem, choosing K&E will solve a lot of other problems too – scheduling, coordination, payment, etc.   

Better Concrete & a Better Experience

For over a decade, we have been refining our processes, our product, our delivery, and our customer service skills. We are proud of the reputation we have within the community and within the flatwork industry. When you need quality concrete, call on K&E Flatwork. It doesn’t stand for Kwik and Easy, but it could.

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