Concrete Paving Services in Kansas City


Because concrete paving requires complicated machinery and careful execution, one wrong move can mean that the concrete won’t set properly, leading to unsightly and dangerous cracks. Besides aesthetic flaws, concrete damage can result in safety issues and cast establishments and developers in an unfavorable light. It’s not an exaggeration to say that low-quality, damaged pavement can be detrimental to business. To avoid these problems, you need to hire experienced and skillful concrete pavers. As a trusted concrete paving company in Kansas City, K&E Flatwork is well-versed in the installation of this unique material.   K&E Flatwork uses the latest techniques and materials to give our commercial clients the best possible service. Our concrete paving solutions in Kansas City include repair and full replacement. We work with home builders and commercial developers, providing them with high-quality concrete and dependable contracting work. We work fast and stick to your budget and timelines. Contact us, today, and our team of expert pavers, engineers, and project managers will help find the most efficient concrete pavers that fit well-within your budget.

Concrete has paved the way for culture in Kansas City

Kansas City has always been a regional hub of culture, from its long and prestigious tradition of Jazz music, to its tradition of barbecue and craft breweries. The “Heart of America” is also known for its unique and beautiful cityscape, a product of meticulous urban planning under George Kessler. This design helped shape the aesthetic of Kansas City as a modern, vibrant, and aesthetically-pleasing city, boasting a mix of modern-day and historical architecture.

With wide avenues, parks, and numerous fountains, it’s important for commercial structures to maintain the beautiful façade of the city. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in high-quality concrete and hire an experienced concrete paving contractor in Kansas City.

Concrete paving can be done in two ways: slipform and fixed form.

Slipform paving requires the use of a special machine that rides on rails over the area that needs paving. Professional pavers apply a layer of fresh concrete in the front of the machine, and the machine then moves and spreads the concrete across a specified area. Fixed form paving, on the other hand, involves staking stationary, metal forms over a solid foundation. Pavers then fill the forms with concrete and use special machines to shape and consolidate the concrete. Once it’s done, the pavers remove the forms and cure the edges of the concrete.

As one of the more experienced and skilled of Kansas City’s paving contractors, K&E Flatwork has the equipment and expertise in both paving techniques. Schedule a consultation with our specialists.