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Kansas City’s Parking Lot Paving Contractor of Choice

Paved parking lots are essential to commercial establishments and multi-family residential buildings in Kansas City. They’re a deciding factor for customers and tenants looking for places to eat, shop, or live. People want reassurance that their vehicles are secure and accessible. Parking lots in poor condition — cracked, uneven, and quick to flood — will not give them the peace of mind they are looking for. Some establishments install pavers the ground with gravel, fill dirt, and asphalt as a more affordable alternative to concrete. But concrete offers longevity when regularly maintained and it is the ideal material for commercial parking lots. Request a quote today to get started with the best concrete parking lot paving in the Kansas City area.

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Let’s Talk about Concrete

Parking lots should be more than an afterthought, especially in terms of cost and building materials. They need to have a high load bearing capacity due to the sheer number of vehicles driving on them and people passing through every day. Outdoor parking lots also endure more environmental abuse which leaves them more susceptible to damage.

To maximize results, you should choose to install a concrete parking lot because:

  • It is durable and longer-lasting than asphalt.
  • It is resistant to wind, water, and extreme temperatures.
  • Steel-reinforced concrete with a low water-cement ratio (one of the flatwork laying techniques we execute) has a high compressive strength, which means they will not buckle easily under heavy loads.
  • It is versatile and can take on any shape. Spray-on concrete, for one, can fill in cracks on existing pavement and reinforce the old slabs.
  • It is readily available.
  • It is low maintenance.

Apart from being the economical choice, concrete paved parking lots also lend a clean and modern aesthetic — an extra perk that fits in with the vibe of downtown Kansas City.

Flatwork Solutions for Various Parking Needs

Parking lots require different formulations and reinforcements depending on their location (indoor vs. outdoor), type (single-level vs. multi-level), and should be able to support the vehicles that utilize them most.

At K&E Flatwork LLC., our experienced team knows how to create a concrete solution that meets the unique needs of our clients. Parking lots are, after all, the first thing customers and potential tenants see when they approach your building; it can leave a negative impression for them to see flaws in the infrastructure.

We create highly functional parking lots for our clients that are both visually appealing and durable.

We are a trusted contractor for concrete paved parking lots in Kansas City. You can expect an excellent concrete product, great execution, and hassle-free customer service from our team of professionals. Contact us today to discuss your unique concrete needs.

Our Concrete Paving Expertise Doesn’t Stop at Parking Lots
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Great Reasons to Use Concrete for Parking Lots

It is durable and longer-lasting than asphalt.

One of the best things about concrete is that it is such a resilient material. In fact, if it is laid right (something that we here at K&E Flatwork are experts in), concrete can actually increase in strength as it ages. This is part of what makes it an excellent investment for those wanting a parking lot with a long life. 

It is resistant to wind, water, and extreme temperatures.

Another fantastic thing about using concrete to build a commercial parking lot is its extreme weather resistance. Yes, that’s right concrete isn’t sensitive to moisture in the way that other building materials are. It won’t rot or mildew, either. 

Concrete also has another advantage when it comes to building parking lots, and it’s that it is resistant to extreme heat and will not burn either. Something that makes it a more safe option for multiple style lots. 

Steel-reinforced concrete with a low water-cement ratio

It’s also great to know that for parking lots, concrete is a particularly safe option. This is because steel-reinforced concrete with a low water-cement ratio (one of the flatwork laying techniques we execute) has high compressive strength. Therefore it won’t buckle easily under heavy loads. In fact, it is so structurally robust that it can offer added protection from natural disasters such as earthquakes as well.

It is versatile and can take on any shape. 

Those looking to install a concrete parking lot also need to know that there are a lot of design benefits to using this material. In fact, it is incredibly easy to use a silicon stamp with concrete to brand a logo or design in your lot. 

Additionally, concrete can take on any design. It can also be sprayed-on to fill in cracks on existing pavement and reinforce the old slabs. Something that makes it not only an aesthetic choice but a practical one as well. 

It is readily available.

When it comes to building a parking lot, choosing a material like concrete that is readily available is always a smart idea. However, there are additional benefits to using concrete as well. 

The first is that you can keep parking lot paving costs low by using concrete. While the second is that it is also an environmentally sound option. After all, concrete can be made from locally sourced materials and does not contain any VOCs that can be released into the air as it ages, unlike many other building materials. 

It is low maintenance.

A concrete parking lot is also a great option because it is such a low maintenance material, as long as it’s appropriately laid by an expert parking lot contractor, like K&E Flatwork. That means little cleaning or repair will be needed in the future, while your parking lot performs for years to come.

Concrete parking lots are very popular because of their durability and cost-effectiveness.

Great Reasons to Hire K&E Flatwork to Build Your Concrete Parking Lot!

If you are a business or organization, looking for commercial parking lot paving in Kansas City, give K&E Flatwork a call. 

After all, at K&E Flatwork is Kansas and Missouri’s best choice for concrete parking lot solutions tailored specifically to your business’s needs.  

Also, unlike other circus concrete companies, we offer both an excellent concrete product and hassle-free customer service experience, making K&E Flatwork the number 1 choice in concrete parking lots for the whole of Kansas City! Give us a call at (816) 746-6100 today!

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