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K&E Flatwork
Professional Concrete Sidewalk Pavers in Kansas City

Tree-lined roads with smooth sidewalks are a hallmark of a walkable neighborhood. People walking to and from establishments indicate a safe and peaceful locality. Wide sidewalks, removed from the streets are inviting to families. These are just some of the benefits that sidewalks in residential neighborhoods and in downtown or commercial areas. Concrete sidewalks are infrastructures worth investing in if you’re a housing developer, commercial builder, or property owner. If you are planning to include a sidewalk in your next project, you will want to work with an established contractor that has years of experience and a reputation for high-quality, timely work. Among the sidewalk paving contractors in Kansas City, there’s one that meets these criteria and more.

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Make Your Vision a Reality with K&E Flatwork LLC

At K&E Flatwork LLC, we offer concrete solutions for curbs and sidewalks. We have worked with many general contractors in Kansas City and are committed to delivering high-quality concrete and outstanding customer service.

You can expect the same degree of dedicated project management from our crew:

  • Our concrete specialists and engineers will take care of your concrete walkway needs. They’ve repaired, replaced, and built paved walkways all over the city. They can also add aesthetic touches to concrete pavement that match the aesthetic of adjacent structures or establishments.
  • Our sales and management team will coordinate with you and your contracting partners. In addition to providing quality flatwork, our goal is to make each project proceed as smoothly as possible.

We give each and every one of our projects our full attention. Though unassuming, sidewalks promote active lifestyles and neighborly interactions. When daily walks and friendly hellos become habits for the locals, a harmonious and welcoming environment that’s attractive to families and individuals emerges. As your preferred concrete sidewalk paver, we can pave the way for you to achieve this goal.

Quality Concrete and Dependable Customer Service

Even though we’re viewed as large sidewalk pavers in the eyes of our clients; at our core we still operate as a small hometown contractor, always going above and beyond because every job matters just as much as the last. With this guiding philosophy we’ve garnered many positive reviews from our clients and The Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City even named us “Associate of the Year.” You can trust us to help bring your vision of a pedestrian-friendly, residential or commercial development to life.

We work exclusively with commercial developers, home builders, general contractors, property managers, and commercial & retail industries. Contact us to talk about enhancing your property — starting with your sidewalks.

Our Pavement Application Expertise Goes Far Beyond Sidewalks
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