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Concrete Conundrums: Signs that Your Concrete Needs Urgent Repair

Concrete is the world’s first choice for many applications. People use concrete for everything from pavements, driveways and parking lots to bridges and highways. But even though it is very tough, it still doesn’t last forever. Since it is exposed to several elements, such as the weather and constant vehicular traffic, concrete can wear down over time and require concrete repair, in Kansas City or elsewhere.

There are a number of key signs that indicate that your concrete is in need of repair. Be on the lookout for the following:

Appearance of Cracks

The first sign that you need concrete repair is the appearance of cracks. Cracks happen when the soil underneath the concrete contracts and expands due to changing weather conditions. Cracks are usually worsened by chemicals such as oil, gas, and de-icing salt, which penetrate through the concrete and weaken it. Even water can aggravate cracks when it seeps into them, where it later freezes and expands.

When evaluating a crack in your concrete, you should take note of its length, width, and depth. The longer, wider, and deeper the crack, the worse the damage is.


Like cracks, potholes are caused when the ground underneath it expands and contracts, as well as by the constant traffic over the weak spot. A pothole is more dangerous than a crack, as the hole can cause serious damage to the cars and commercial vehicles that run over them.

An Uneven Appearance

A damaged spalled concrete parking lotWhen you notice your previously smooth concrete parking lot or sidewalk start to slope, it is a sign that your concrete is in serious need of repair. Uneven concrete can be due to weather conditions or shoddy foundation work. Make sure you get your concrete repaired as soon as you notice its uneven appearance, as it could lead to serious issues such as crumbling and breaking.

Signs of Aging

Though there is a type of concrete that can potentially last over a century, concrete can still be worn away and fade over time. It can look faded and shabby. Aside from the rain and constant traffic, the sun’s UV rays can penetrate the pavement and start to oxidize the surface, which can weaken it, leading to cracks and potholes.

Standing Water

Proper drainage is important to the lifespan of your concrete. If water is pooling in your parking lot or on your sidewalk after it rains, then it is a sign that your concrete isn’t allowing for natural drainage. If you notice standing water on your concrete, you should get it repaired immediately, before the issue ] worsens.

If you notice any of these signs appearing in your concrete driveway, parking lot, or sidewalk, then it may be time to get some concrete restoration done. For high-quality concrete work, turn to none other than K&E Flatwork LLC. We have been paving the way in flatwork for more than a decade and will make sure that your concrete will look as good as new. You can definitely trust our professional team to deliver exceptional concrete work.

For more information on our services, get in touch with us today. We would love to hear from you!

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