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unexpected property repairs-top challenge for property managers

Unexpected Property Repairs—A Top Challenge for Property Managers in the US

Have you ever seen those circus performers who balance dozens of plates on top of their head while juggling bowling pins and riding a unicycle? Sometimes, being a property manager can be a bit like that. On the one hand, property managers must deal with tenants, but on the other hand, they must also accomplish myriad tasks that come with managing an entire apartment building or condo community. That’s how they work every day, performing a delicate balancing act.

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PRoperty Managers guide to construction project

A Property Manager’s Guide to Concrete Project Management

A body is nothing without a head to guide it. The same principle stands regarding the success of a construction project. The effective implementation of such a task relies greatly on you, the project manager. Your responsibilities may be summarized as ensuring that a project is executed smoothly, from checking that a project complies with industry standards and fulfills the stakeholders’ expectations to making sure that it stays within budget and finishes on time.

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