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We Work Exclusively for the Following Types of Clients

Industrial Retail Clients

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Clients we work with 1 commercial concrete contractor in kansas city | k&e flatwork

Property Management

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Multi Location Franchises

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Clients we work with 2 commercial concrete contractor in kansas city | k&e flatwork

General Contractors

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Home builder clients icon

Home Builders

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Not Sure If We Can Help?
Industrial and Retail Properties
Concrete services for industrial and retail locations

Industrial properties and retail businesses should always have inviting storefronts and facades to attract customers. However, it’s also important to maintain other areas of the business site like storage and loading spaces. A concrete contractor in Kansas City will be helpful with this as most of those areas require skill in flatwork.

For instance, businesses that have truck stops or fleet management will need a crack-resistant parking lot with a high load-bearing capacity. Similarly, retail facilities like chain stores or malls will need loading bays with reinforced concrete; this is to avoid any damage to goods carried by delivery trucks.

Concrete pavers at kansas city airport
Clients we work with 3 commercial concrete contractor in kansas city | k&e flatwork
Clients we work with 4 commercial concrete contractor in kansas city | k&e flatwork
We’ve Got Your Concrete Needs Covered

If your business or commercial property has any of the mentioned concrete needs, K&E Flatwork has you covered. Aside from our high-quality products, our business background provides the best customer service in the industry, which has made us a trusted flatwork service provider in the area. You can rely on us to efficiently process your requests, deliver work promptly, and expertly install, repair, or replace any concrete work.

Flatwork Solutions

We offer solutions to a variety of concrete flatwork requirements for your industrial property, including:

  • Warehouse floors
  • Truck parking lots
  • Loading docks
  • Curbs and Sidewalks
  • Heavy-duty pavement for industrial facilities

We can also do work on existing concrete installations. Count on us to tear out and do replacement work for areas that are beyond repair. Our team will have your fresh concrete laid out on your property in no time.

K&E Flatwork’s years of experience with large, commercial pours guarantee timely and satisfying concrete work every time. As business owners, we understand that you have plenty to worry about. We guarantee that our superb flatwork services and concrete work will be the least of your troubles.

Property Management
Concrete services for industrial and retail locations
Commercial concrete service client repair entryway
Repaired client concrete sidewalk entry
Client commercial concrete project gaslight grill

Property management is a broad real estate term. Those who work in the field are mainly responsible for assisting property owners and tenants with concerns like sales negotiation, rent collection, bill payment, etc.

Juggling multiple responsibilities on a daily basis can be taxing for a property manager, especially when coordinating renovation projects. Having a list of reliable contractors for various renovation needs is a critical part of the job. As the leading concrete company in Kansas City, property managers call us when their projects need professional flatwork services. Our concrete services include repairs and replacements for the following:

  • Curbs
  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Floors
  • Sidewalks
  • Handicap-accessible ramps
Property management-curb repair
Concrete parking lot repair
Property management-curb repair 2
Hassle-Free Coordination

In addition to our high-quality concrete products, our customer service is unmatched in the industry thanks to our accounting and business background. Our process gives property managers peace of mind. They know that they can coordinate the project with ease when they partner with us.

For property managers, having a reliable concrete contractor in Kansas City means their properties’ concrete surfaces remain safe and visually-appealing. At K&E Flatwork, we strive to see to this and more. We prioritize client satisfaction above all, so we deliver outstanding customer service alongside our great concrete products. Schedule a consultation with one of our concrete specialists today to learn about the K&E difference.

Multi Location Franchises
Concrete services for multi-location businesses
Concrete pavement project
Concrete pavement project in kansas city
Multi-location frinchise project photo

If you’re a franchise owner or are managing business properties in multiple locations, having a trusted concrete company in Kansas City on-call is a must. This way, organizing repairs or renovations are much easier because you only need to call one company to serve all your properties’ concrete needs in the metro area.

Serving the Kansas City Metro Area

K&E Flatwork offers professional concrete installation, repair and replacement for multi-location businesses and franchises, serving a vast area of the Kansas City metro area including Belton, Desoto, Gardner, Independence, Leawood, Mission Hills, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Raymore, Shawnee, and more.

Our flatwork services ensure long-lasting durability, complemented by optional decorative touches like stamped, dyed, or stained concrete for added aesthetic appeal.

K&E Flatwork distinguishes itself as a concrete contractor in Kansas City through its unique business background: our internal processes are managed by individuals with a strong background in organization to ensure the smooth and efficient delivery of concrete work for clients as they are executed on-site by our team of concrete specialists.

If your franchise or multi-location business needs a sore touch-up or repair, don’t hesitate to call us and consult with our concrete specialists.

General Contractors
Concrete services for general contractors and remodelers
Clients we work with 5 commercial concrete contractor in kansas city | k&e flatwork
We are the Go-To Flatwork Company of General Contractors in Kansas City

If you’re in the middle of a construction or remodeling project, it’s important to have a professional and reliable company that provides concrete replacement and repair services.

This is where K&E Flatwork comes in. General contractors trust only us for all their projects’ concrete needs, including concrete curbing in Kansas City. Our focus lies not only in delivering great concrete but on the entire process that takes concrete from our doorstep to its installation on the property you’re managing.

Customer Service is Key

Our partners can rest easy that we’re on top of every aspect of their project. We handle our business in two ways: with a focus on quality work and customer service. This means that while our team of concrete specialists is on the field working on creating the best product, our business guys will be hard at work ensuring the fine details of the project go off without a hitch.

When you choose us, you’ll be reaping the benefits of durable Kansas City concrete as well as a hassle-free service experience.

Our High-Quality Concrete Products

As professionals, we don’t take flatwork jobs lightly, especially given the intricate processes and the particular construction needs of our clients. Our work includes:

  • Driveways – Our concrete driveway work can withstand years of abuse from cars, SUVs, and pickups while maintaining its integrity. We can create finished products in a variety of stained concrete colors that coordinate with the exterior of your business.
  • Parking Lots – We’ll provide a nice and smooth finish that improves parking lot appearance and durability.
  • Curbs  – Our work on concrete curbs spruces up exterior areas while adding value to both residential and commercial properties.

What Our Business Guys Bring to the Table

A good product matters little if the process to acquire and install it is lacking. At K&E Flatwork, we put as much importance on customer communication and the prompt delivery of our product as we do in the quality of our concrete work.

General contractors only need to provide their project requirements, and we’ll take care of delivering an excellent flatwork job, whether they’re fresh pours, repairs, or replacements.

Our excellent reputation as a concrete contractor stems not only from our team’s concrete expertise but our management’s strong industry relationships and business approach to concrete work, as well.

Home Builders
First-Rate Residential Flatwork Services for the Professional Home Builders
Clients we work with 6 commercial concrete contractor in kansas city | k&e flatwork
Clients we work with 7 commercial concrete contractor in kansas city | k&e flatwork
Clients we work with 8 commercial concrete contractor in kansas city | k&e flatwork

A home is one of the most important investments people can make in their lives, which is why home builders strive to ensure that their projects are worth their customer’s time and money. Getting the basics like concrete work right the first time around is the mark of a reliable home builder, after all. This is why they trust us at K&E Flatwork to get the job done.

A Range of Concrete Products

We offer a variety of flatwork services, including concrete driveway replacement in Kansas City. We also work on stoops/porches, sidewalks, and add visual touches to your patio like decorative concrete. We also provide first-rate products for projects involving:

  • Basements – We’ll smooth out uneven or cracked basement floors to ensure a safe surface for residents to tread on.
  • Garages – Although vehicles can stand a couple of bumps, having a well-made concrete garage floor helps improve the longevity of car tires.
  • Driveways – Our concrete driveway repair work not only reinforces one of the most frequently used places on residential properties, but also helps increase the curb appeal of that property.
More Than Just Plain Flatwork

Some people prefer their concrete simple and sleek. When our partners require us to create a traditional-looking product, trust that we’ll deliver! On the other hand, other clients want to add aesthetic touches to their concrete flatwork.

We can cater to those needs. Using processes like stamping, dyeing, and staining, we can transform ordinary-looking concrete into surfaces resembling wood or brick while retaining the base material’s signature durability. Trust us to keep install and create the exact concrete look that you want at your residence or commercial property.

Flatwork is Never a Two-Dimensional Matter

Many people are under the misconception that flatwork is a rather bland home improvement project. They will change their minds, however, once they see the startling effect a professionally worked concrete driveway or garage floor can have on a residential property.

Our guarantee at K&E Flatwork involves more than our superb concrete products — it’s the sheer ease of our customer service processes that ensure smooth completion of your project. We’re more than just a group of concrete pourers; we’re a team of professionals with strong industry partnerships. We have taken the them to perfect our process of delivering first-rate flatwork services.

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