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How to Detect Early Signs of Concrete Damage

Concrete is the backbone of construction, and keeping it in good condition is essential. However, over time, it’s possible for concrete to become damaged. When you can identify the early signs of concrete damage, you can get repairs before the damage gets so severe that it needs significant work. You can prevent further damage when you know what to look for.

Signs Your Concrete Needs Repair

Weather conditions, wear and tear, and other factors can damage concrete. Monitoring any changes in the concrete is essential to catching problems early.

Cracks in the Concrete

One of the most obvious signs that there is damage to your concrete is seeing cracks in it. Weather conditions can cause the soil under the concrete to contract and expand, forcing the concrete to move. It’s especially significant when there’s a lot of rain and then dry, hot weather afterward. It may start with small cracks, but eventually, those cracks worsen. If you have cracks in your concrete, on the ground or walls, or elsewhere, you need to turn to an expert to find out what repairs you need. If you catch it early enough, you may only need your concrete to be touched up rather than in-depth work.

Water Pools

Water can pool in the middle of a slab of concrete. Pooling water is a common problem, and it generally indicates there’s a settlement issue. Not only is the settlement issue there, but the water pools will cause more damage to the concrete. If the water can’t drain the way it should, it will cause faster wear and tear to the slab’s surface. If you see water pools on your concrete after a rain, you must inspect the concrete for problems. Concrete has a waterproof coating put on it when it’s laid. However, if the concrete is exposed to the elements, it will wear thin. You may need to get your concrete re-coated to keep it better protected from the damage water can do to it.

Uneven Concrete

When concrete is uneven, this is another of the signs of concrete damage. This can happen to one concrete slab that has sunk unevenly, or it may be a group of slabs that have become uneven to the others. When the concrete isn’t even, it likely needs some repairs. The problem could be a settling issue, especially if the concrete is on a sidewalk or other area on the ground. The problem could also be that weather conditions have affected the evenness of the concrete, or it could be because of substandard foundation work. These can cause concrete to break or crumble, leading to instability. As soon as you notice that the concrete isn’t even, get help with your concrete right away instead of waiting for it to get worse. The more uneven it gets, the more work may be needed to fix the problem.

Windows and Doors That Stick

If you notice that your windows or doors stick when you open or close them, this is another early sign that your concrete needs repairs. The problem is likely caused by damage to the building’s concrete foundation. Catching the problem at this stage can save you from making significant repairs.

Sloping and Sinking Floors

It doesn’t take much of a sloping floor to indicate a problem with the foundation. As soon as you notice sloping, it’s time to contact us about possible foundation repairs. If a floor slopes just 1 inch every 15 to 20 feet, it likely indicates a problem below. You need to get a professional evaluation to determine the problem and how it can be repaired before the damage worsens. The same is true if you notice that the floors are sinking. This shouldn’t happen in a building with a foundation in good repair. Sinking floors mean you need a professional to examine the concrete.

Cracking Walls

Another sign of foundation damage is noticing cracks in the walls. This can happen to either the interior or exterior walls or both. Cracks can start small, and this is when you need to get the problem evaluated.

Signs of Wear

Concrete ages and experiences wear and tear over the years. If your concrete isn’t aging well or needs better drainage, you may have several signs of foundation problems. These may include water pools, small cracks, sloping floors, and ripped or wrinkled wallpaper.

Help for Signs of Concrete Damage

Concrete problems can lead to injuries and extensive damage to a building. Many early signs might be present when you need repairs. If you notice these signs, it’s time to call K&E Flatwork to inspect the problem and let you know what’s causing it. K&E Flatwork is one of the largest concrete contractors in the Kansas City area and serves both Kansas and Missouri. We specialize in commercial concrete and deliver straightforward, effective, and efficient service.

Your commercial building or outdoor area needs to be kept in good condition, and we have the experience and expertise required to get it there. Whether the problem is with a truck parking area, a warehouse floor, a loading dock, or a building’s foundation, we can inspect it, find out exactly what’s causing the damage, and fix the problem. With our expert help, you can prevent further damage and save time and money in the long run.

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