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We are Kansas City's Professional Flatwork & Concrete Repair Company


K&E Flatwork is the leading Kansas City commercial concrete contractor, always delivering outstanding services to commercial clients and partners. Many concrete companies can provide high-quality concrete work, but at K&E, our goal is to make your concrete project painless. Not only do we deliver the highest quality, but our processes, management, and experience make completion of your commercial concrete project a breeze.

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K&E Flatwork distinguishes itself from other contractors by providing our clients with superior service. To accomplish this, K&E Flatwork works with fellow industry leaders. In doing so, we learn the most efficient approach to any problem from some of the best in our field.

We always strive to streamline our business process in order to give our clients upfront pricing and on-time delivery of projects. This streamlined system also helps up stay within the budget that we’ve agreed on, minimizing any risk of costs ballooning. Likewise, we value constant communication – and this helps us give you the seamless customer service and a smooth project flow you deserve.


Comprehensive services

With K&E Flatwork, expect excellence in every aspect of our concrete services. Whatever your property’s concrete paving needs may be, you can rest easy when you opt for our exceptional concrete flatwork solutions. We provide commercial concrete services for warehouse floors, truck parking lots, loading docks, and more.


Better productivity

Our unique business background allows us to offer a well-organized, hassle-free experience to clients. We do more than just deliver high-quality products — addressing inquiries competently and comprehensively, providing upfront pricing, guaranteeing timely delivery, and giving unparalleled customer service are all part of the package.

Worker during concrete pouring into formwork

Work with concrete experts

For over a decade, we have been refining our processes, our product, our delivery, and our customer service skills. We are proud of the reputation we have within the community and within the flatwork industry as one of the leading concrete contractors in the Kansas City area. We provide professional flatwork services and repairs from start to finish.

Company Info
Who We are?

K&E Flatwork is a professional concrete construction and repair company.  As one of the largest concrete construction companies in Kansas City we have the resources to make sure your project is effortless start to finish.


Better Concrete & A Better Experience

From warehouse floors, parking lots, loading docks and dock levelers, to installation of concrete sidewalks, curbs, and driveways, K&E makes the concrete business flow smoothly. Our upfront pricing, fast response, and commitment to quality keeps our customers happy.


At K&E, you will always get a dependable product. But besides that, you get professional service,upfront pricing, timely delivery, and amazing customer service.


Who We Work With?

Choose K&E for all your concrete needs!
Why People Choose Us?
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Fair Pricing
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Extraordinary Quality
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Detailed Bids
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Quick Action
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Start creating Your Future

Join us

We are always on the lookout for people who will help K&E uphold our motto of “a professional concrete flatwork company.” Of course concrete experience is helpful, but it’s not necessary. We have several successful employees who started with K&E and did not have any concrete experience. If you are willing to work hard and learn a new skill, we are willing to put the time in to help you learn and we will provide opportunities to advance within K&E.

K&E Cares
At K&E Flatwork, we’re not just about concrete – we’re dedicated to community building. Through active involvement and service, we’re committed to enhancing Kansas City neighborhood alongside our projects.
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what clients say
Our testimonials

AWG has been doing business with Jack Van Lear and K&E Flatwork for a few years now. This is a true partnership. I trust Jack to provide honest opinions on work that does or does not need to be done, fair and straightforward quotes the first time, and that his team will complete the work on time, safely, and at a very high level of quality. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the experiences we’ve had with K&E Flatwork, please feel free to contact me.

Jay Logan/SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc

I don’t write many testimonials on behalf of contractors but in this case K&E Flatwork and you specifically have earned a high level of commendation. I have worked with K&E under your supervision on a majority of my concrete repair projects for the past 6 years. A great relationship based on pricing, timeliness and workmanship have made you our go-to company. We have worked on both simple and  intricate repairs from sidewalks and curbs to MoDot coordinated projects. You have given us choices of repair methods when money is tight and re-bid work for owners who have been a challenge. When needed you have coordinated with other contractors for additional project services minimizing my need to be involved at that level.

Bottom line, I like working with career professionals in their field and when you combine extraordinary quality and fair pricing with detailed bids, quick action and tenant/owner awareness  without change orders or punch lists the decision to go with K&E Flatwork is an easy one.

Chris McIntyre/CPM RPA

I would like to thank you for the great work the K&E Flatwork has been done for the Marley/ SPX plant. The effort that you put into getting the quote to us in a timely manner helped a lot in making our projects a success. We appreciate the professional manner that the employee’s at K&E Flatwork treats our employee’s and maintaining the safety rules that we have here at the plant. I know working at the plant with our equipment operating, and the people doing their job makes your job more difficult, but you always seem to get it done on time without a problem.

The concrete work that K&E Flatwork has done in the past years has held up great to the abuse that we give it every day.  This plant is extremely hard on the massive amount of concrete that we have for this facility. Having a good surface for all of the trucks, trailers, forklifts, and the people that use it for this three shift operation is extremely important for the safety of our workers that use it every day.

We look forward to using K&E concrete in the future with our annual concrete projects. Keep pushing forward with the safe and professional work that K&E seems to demand in every job that you have done for me.

Dave Copeland/Associated Wholesale Grocers
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