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Signs That You Need a Parking Lot Renovation

Commercial parking lots are subjected to daily onslaughts of foot and vehicle traffic, which is why your paving company of choice should only use the most durable materials. If they constructed your parking lot correctly, it should last for decades. Unfortunately, your parking lot’s integrity will wane eventually, and you will have to renovate it. Here are some telltale signs that you need to renovate your commercial parking lot.

  • Your parking lot has severe cracks
  • Your parking lot has potholes
  • Your parking lot has drainage issues
  • Your parking lot is not sealed
  • Your parking lot is ugly

Your Parking Lot Has Severe Cracks

It is an inevitability that your parking lot will begin to crack over time. Oil, rainwater, salt, and other harmful substances can penetrate your parking lot and cause cracks or worsen existing cracks. You can fix small cracks with a sealer if you address them quickly. However, long, wide, and deep cracks indicate that your parking lot has serious issues and you should hire a parking lot construction company to renovate it for you.

Your Parking Lot Has Potholes

Potholes usually form in asphalt parking lots. Water seeps through asphalt, causing the ground beneath it to expand and contract. Your asphalt will weaken over time, and pieces of it will eventually crumble away, forming a pothole. You can repair small potholes, but simply filling a pothole does not address the source of the problem.

Think of it as putting a bandage on a bullet wound without removing the bullet. The ground beneath your parking lot will continue to contract and expand, and the pothole will likely reappear after some time passes. Parking lot replacement is essential if you have severe potholes, and you should switch from asphalt to concrete while you are at it. Advancements have made concrete far more resistant to potholes than asphalt.

Your Parking Lot Has Drainage Issues

If you have an uneven or sloped parking lot, it is likely that rainwater pools in several areas. Water pools affect the integrity of your parking lot and cause cracks and potholes. A complete renovation can mitigate or eliminate this issue by fixing the sloped nature of your parking lot or installing inlets or curbs to direct the flow of rainwater.

Your Parking Is Not Sealed

You must reseal your parking lot every two to three years. Resealing helps prevent pavement cracking. If you have not been resealing your parking lot regularly, you may require a parking lot renovation. To prevent your concrete from cracking again, you should replace your parking lot and commit to resealing it every two to three years.

Your Parking Lot Is Ugly

We aren’t exaggerating when we say that your curb appeal can make or break your business. First impressions are everything, and a shoddy parking lot can turn potential customers away from your business. Even worse, potholes and severe cracks can injure people or cause damage to automobiles, and your company may be liable to pay for the damages.

If you notice that your parking lot has any of the issues mentioned above, you should hire a reputable contractor to renovate your parking lot. K&E Flatwork is Kansas City’s leading concrete repair and replacement company. We understand that parking lot renovations are costly and time-consuming undertakings, so we will help you find the most cost-effective solution to your problem. You can count on us to get the job done well and in a timely manner. Email us or give us a call at (816) 388-9303 if you require the best parking lot repair and replacement services in Kansas City!

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