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6 Reasons Why Parking Lot Maintenance Is Necessary

Parking is a massive part of your customer’s experience when you own a business or establishment. Parking lot maintenance is integral to ensuring your customers have a satisfactory experience at your establishment from start to finish. 

Neglect or many environmental factors can cause your parking lot to become damaged, and in some cases, you might need to replace your parking lot entirely. Proper parking lot maintenance is required to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Here are six reasons why parking lot maintenance is necessary. 

1. Improves Safety For Customers in Many Ways

Although many people might view potholes, cracks, and chipped asphalt as a minor inconvenience, they can actually be a threat to your business. Damaged parking lot surfaces pose a risk for customers who could potentially fall and injure themselves on your property. 

The last thing any business owner would want is for someone to sustain an injury, especially one that they are liable for. Something as simple as excess amounts of loose gravel can not only wear your parking lot down but can be a risk for injury. 

Another threat that damaged asphalt poses to your customers’ safety is increased water pooling. With cracks and holes, water cannot drain from your parking lot properly. Your parking lot already faces fading from the sun and other environmental factors, but excess water can speed this process up drastically. When elements of your parking lot—like crosswalks and parking spaces—fade it can increase the likelihood of an accident, which is a liability for your business.
When water enters cracks and holes in a parking lot, and temperatures are low enough for water to freeze, those minor cracks can expand and lead to more damage; that’s potential liability right there. Adding proper drainage can help prevent this, but sealing these cracks can also help stop the problem at its source. 

2. Maintenance is Necessary to Remain ADA Compliant 

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that businesses open to the general public must be accessible to anyone with a disability. To be compliant, maintaining lines, ramps, and other elements of your parking lot make it possible for these individuals to access your establishment safely.

Not only is it essential to protect yourself and your company from an ADA compliance issue, but it also demonstrates to your customers that they are welcome in your space and that their needs are being met.

3. It Can Open Up More Parking

If people are avoiding certain parts of your parking lot due to damage, this may because people choosing to avoid your business altogether. Parking lot maintenance can prevent people from having to park tightly together at your establishment. 

Opening up more parking can attract a wider array of customers and prevent overcrowding that could lead to accidents or other issues. 

4. Parking Lot Maintenance Improves Curb Appeal

Any property owner wants to ensure their facility looks as good as possible. While ensuring your building looks great on the inside is essential, the outside of your establishment is one of the first things that any new customer will see of your business. So if your parking lot has suffered from wear and tear (or more severe damage), you may want to do something about it!

Investing in regular maintenance can keep up the look of your property and ensure that it looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside. 

5. The Traffic Flow is Improved

When it comes to parking lots, regular maintenance just as necessary for the street leading up to it. This means maintaining lines and preventing potholes, thus ensuring smooth traffic flow. Think about how parking lots often dictate which direction people should travel down rows. They also might have marked crosswalks, entrances and exits marked, and other delightful features!

6. It’s Cost-Effective For Your Business

When it comes to most major repairs, professionals agree that preventative maintenance will save you money in the long run. Preventive maintenance such as packing, repainting lines, and monitoring any chips in your asphalt parking lots can prevent major damage, such as larger potholes or worn-down parking space lines. 

Although many people might find spending money to perform routine maintenance unnecessary, it truly makes a difference in the quality of your parking lot. 

So What Does Parking Lot Maintenance include? 

Regular parking lot maintenance does not always have to be a complete overhaul. Routine visual inspections are one of the cheapest and fastest ways to maintain your parking lot. Examine your parking lot for any loose gravel, potholes, or fading parking stalls. A simple visual inspection can give you great insights into what work you may need to put into your parking lot. 

Providing proper drainage for your parking lot is another way to maintain its quality. As previously mentioned, sitting water can cause lines to fade and can break down asphalt. Filling potholes before they grow into a more significant issue is another way to maintain your parking lot.

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