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Serving Kansas & Missouri Since 2005 | Call: (816) 746-6100

I don’t write many testimonials on behalf of contractors but in this case K&E Flatwork and you specifically have earned a high level of commendation. I have worked with K&E under your supervision on a majority of my concrete repair projects for the past 6 years. A great relationship based on pricing, timeliness and workmanship have made you our go-to company. We have worked on both simple and  intricate repairs from sidewalks and curbs to MoDot coordinated projects. You have given us choices of repair methods when money is tight and re-bid work for owners who have been a challenge. When needed you have coordinated with other contractors for additional project services minimizing my need to be involved at that level.

Bottom line, I like working with career professionals in their field and when you combine extraordinary quality and fair pricing with detailed bids, quick action and tenant/owner awareness  without change orders or punch lists the decision to go with K&E Flatwork is an easy one.

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