We are the Go-To Flatwork Company of General Contractors in Kansas City

If you’re in the middle of a construction or remodeling project, it’s important to have a professional and reliable company that provides concrete replacement and repair services.

This is where K&E Flatwork comes in. General contractors trust only us for all their projects’ concrete needs, including concrete curbing in Kansas City. And for a good reason: our focus lies not only in delivering great concrete but on the entire process that takes that concrete from our doorstep to its installation on the property you’re managing.

We Know How to Run a Service Business

Our partners can rest easy that we’re on top of every aspect of their project. That’s because we tackle our business in two ways: in the service aspect and the business aspect. This means that while our team of concrete specialists is on the field working on creating the best product, our business guys will be hard at work ensuring the fine details of the project go off without a hitch.

When you choose us, you’ll be reaping the benefits of durable Kansas City concrete curbing as well as a hassle-free service experience.

Our High-Quality Concrete Products

As professionals, we don’t take flatwork jobs lightly, especially given their intricate processes and the particular construction needs of our clients. Our work includes:

  • Driveways – Our concrete driveway work can withstand years of abuse from cars, SUVs, and pickups while maintaining its good looks for a long time. We can create finished products in a variety of stained concrete colors.
  • Parking Lots – We’ll provide a nice and smooth finish that improves its appearance and durability.
  • Curbs – Our work on concrete curbs spruces up exterior areas while adding value to both residential and commercial properties.

What Our Business Guys Bring to the Table

A good product matters little if the process to acquire and install it is lacking; K&E Flatwork puts as much importance on customer communication and the prompt delivery of our product as in the quality of our concrete work.

General contractors only need to provide their project requirements, and we’ll take care of delivering an excellent flatwork job, whether they’re fresh pours, repairs, or replacements.

K&E Flatwork’s excellent reputation as a concrete contractor stems not only from our team’s concrete expertise but our management’s strong industry relationships and business approach to concrete work, as well.


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