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First-Rate Residential Flatwork Services and Concrete Driveway Repairs for Home Builders

A home is one of the most important investments people make, which is why home builders strive to ensure that their projects are worth their customers’ time and money. Getting the basics like concrete work right the first time around is the mark of a reliable home builder, after all. This is why they trust us at K&E Flatwork to get the job done.

A Range of Concrete Products

We offer a variety of flatwork services, including concrete driveway replacement in Kansas City. Moreover, we work on stoops/porches, sidewalks, and visual touches like decorative concrete. We also provide first-rate products for projects involving:

  • Basements – We’ll smooth out uneven or cracked basement floors to ensure a safe surface for residents to tread on.
  • Garages – Although vehicles can stand a couple of bumps, having a well-made concrete garage floor helps with the longevity of car parts like tires. It also makes slipping in and out from under cars easier during DIY repairs.
  • Driveways – Our concrete driveway repair work not only reinforces parkways in residential properties, but it also helps increase the curb appeal of that property.

More Than Just Plain Flatwork

Some people prefer their concrete simple and sleek. When our partners require us to create a traditional-looking product, trust that we’ll deliver! On the other hand, others like to add aesthetic touches to our concrete flatwork, as they are all the rage these days.

We can cater to those needs. Using processes like stamping, dyeing, and staining, we transform ordinary-looking concrete into surfaces resembling wood or brickwork while retaining the base material’s signature durability. Trust us to keep our products versatile to suit the unique taste of our partner clients.


Download Concrete Pattern Portfolio

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Flatwork’s Never a Two-Dimensional Matter

Many people are under the misconception that flatwork is a rather bland home improvement project. They will change their minds, however, once they see the startling effect a professionally worked concrete driveway or garage floor can have on a residential property.

Our guarantee at K&E Flatwork involves more than our superb concrete products — it’s the sheer ease of our customer service processes that ensure smooth completion of your project needs that will win you over. We’re more than just a group of concrete guys; we’re a team of professionals with strong industry partnerships that perfected our process of delivering first-rate flatwork services.

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